Thursday, October 4, 2018

Tokyo Metro Vol. 27 (Live and Global Disco)

This set was played live at the Global Disco event at Jam House, Akita Japan in July 2018. Keeping with the theme of "disco," yet also being who I am, I took the mix in an electro direction (think more early 80's than 70's!) Everything was performed with an iPad Pro and Novation Launchpad. Specifically, my equipment used was:

1. Korg Gadget was used to program the bass and synth sounds in advance, tediously learning the various parts of the remixed tracks - such as the iconic bassline in Smooth Criminal (see below).
2. Blocs Wave was where all the samples were imported to and arranged.
3. Launchpad iOS was the destination of the samples after Blocs, where they could be mapped to the hardware controller and triggered. In addition to the various samples for the remixes, I loaded three full tracks (my own) to three pads and used them to fill out the set and transition between the live remixes.

1. iPad Pro
2. Novation Launchpad S controller
3. Zoom U-44 mixer/soundcard


1. Productive Price - DJ Chris Hale (unreleased track)
2. I Feel Love - Donna Summer (live remix)
3. Sweet Dreams are made of this (Holly Henry acapella vocals) - Eurythmics (live remix)
4. Extreme Man - DJ Chris Hale (unreleased track)
5. Down Deeper - Fearious Black (live remix)
6. Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson (live remix)
7. Significant Bob - DJ Chris Hale

Check out the video of this set on my YouTube Channel (Just Search: DJ Chris Hale)

Download Tokyo Metro Vol.27 (mp3)

Friday, September 21, 2018

Tokyo Metro Vol. 23 (Deep and Tech House)

A tech and deep house DJ set played at Side Back Bar, Akita Japan.

1. Pure Gold - DJ Chris Hale
2. You and Me - Balex F
3. Booty Call (feat. Gene) - Deep'a and Biri
4. Baboo - Matt Star
5. Restlessness - Enrico Sangiuliano
6. Saltkin - Purity Ring
7. Cover Me - Depeche Mode (Ellen Allien U.F.O. Remix)
8. Papageno (feat. Waa Industry) - Kolsch
9. Up - Benjamin Damage
10. H2O Cafe - DJ Chris Hale
11. Diabolus - Monoloc

Download Tokyo Metro Vol.23 (mp3)

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Tokyo Metro Vol. 24 (Deep and Tech House)

This is a deep and tech house DJ mix played at Side Back Bar in Akita Japan June 15, 2018.

1. Cover Me - Depeche Mode (Ellen Allien U.F.O. Remix)
2. The Finger - Kapuchon and Benny Rodrigues (Radio Slave Remix)
3. Afrunk! - Ramses Jair (Ray MD and Luigi Venderbilt Remix)
4. Deep Down - Dast
5. Hanger 80 - Luciano C.
6. Endless - Jan Hendez (Original Mix)
7. Session 3 - Monoloc and Pfirter
8. Ticket - Zombie Nation
9. Plastik - DJ Chris Hale

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Tokyo Metro Vol. 26 (Techno and Tech House)

DJ Mix Recorded live at Sidback Bar, Akita Japan.

1. Sick Heart - DJ Chris Hale
2. Cutler - Monoloc
3. Injection - 2Pole
4. Punk - (Mark Broom Remix) - Schmutz
5. Atacama - Audibly and Patrice Baumel
6. Going Backwards (Chris Liebing Remix) - Depeche Mode
7. Restlessness - Enrico Sangiuliano
8. Man Made Machine (Radio Slave Remix) - Motor
9. Dancers in the Womb (Subject Chris English Remix) - DJ Chris Hale  

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Tokyo Metro Vol. 25 (Deep and Tech House - DJ Dave Wilson in the Mix)

This is a guest mix by DJ Dave Wilson recorded at the Method party in Akita, Japan March 17, 2018.

1. Gloom - Electronic hill
2. Starjar - Sei A
3. Iron & Water - Gingy/Bordello
4. Resonate - Mike Mind
5. Wild Rage (Dense & Pika Remix) - ME & Her
6. Tree Trunks - Hreno
7. Redemption (Original Mix) - ANNA
8. Lazers (Original Mix) - Sei A
9. Lazers (Milano Remix)
10. Stabbed In The back (Tiga vs Audion)
11. Viper (London Archive's Edit) - Martyn
12. We Are You In The Future - Martyn