Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tokyo Metro Vol. 10 (Tribal House/ Electro)

First Hour:
Exclusive Guest Mix By Chris (Subject) English
1. Dark Soul (Dj Chris Hale "Dark Hole Mix)- Beat Level
2. Spirit- Echomen
3. Badass- Mooncat
4. Morena- Little Green Men
5. Miss Thing- James Benitez
6. Third Dimention- D-Formation
7. Ultimate Dream- UDG
8. Sweat- Kobbe & Austin Leeds
9. Sus Besos- Spiritual Vibe
10. Tweakin- Saeed Younan

Second Hour:
Exclusive Guest Mix By DJ Show-G
1. Momoka- Technoasia
2. Krossing- Claude Young
3. Old School Baby (Wire Mix)- West Bam & Nena
4. The Searcher- ebtb
5. Fire Wire- Beroshima
6. Too Much Talk- Chris Liebing
7. Get on Up (Chris Liebing Mix)- DJ Krush
8. Arabescus (Chords of Wire Mix)- DJ Felipe
9. Fires of Hell- Chris Liebing
10. Ghea (Wired Mix)- DJ Felipe
11. Down and Out- Michel Be Hey
12. Maroko- Brother's Yard
13. I Like it Hot- Illicit Audio
Download Tokyo Metro Vol. 10 (mp3) two hours

Monday, March 29, 2010

Tokyo Metro Vol. 9 (Minimal and Ambient Techno- Japan Only Mix by DJ Fukuda)

First Hour
Track Listing:
1. Disconnect- Plastik Man
2. Telephastic Workshop- Boards of Canada
3. Low Cool- Cabaret Voltaire
4. Sunshine Recorder- Boards of Canada
5. Unknown Japanese Artist- Unknown Japanese Artist
6. Allien- Dj Chris Hale
7. Blood on the Motorway- DJ Shadow
8. Morph 9- Electric Home Entertainment
9. Plumb- Detroit Escalator
10. 4am- Dj Chris Hale
11. Rewind your Mind- Anjay

Second Hour
Guest Mix (Japan-Only Mix by DJ Fukuda)
1. Kokubou soushyou- Ryuichi Sakamoto
2. Thirst- Tim Wright
3. Synthaxis 2- Aukfen
4. Mono Sucio- Pan/Tone
5. Undecided Grace- Glimpse
6. Stekkrube- Robag Wruhme
7. IDK- Defrag Sound Processing
8. Pingu- Alex Smoke
9. Track B2- Robag Wruhme VS Jay Haze
10. Forcept 1 (Aukfen Reinterpretation)- Richie Hawtin
11. Multiplicationiones- Alex Under
12. Parmanent Initio- ffwd
13. Back to Back- Ricardo Villalobos
14. Bull Frog- Jay Haze
15. Butter Plug Someone Else
16. OK- TCS Team
17. Moonlinght- Eriko Tanabe
18. Typerope- Mathew Jonson
19. Petid- Ben Nevile & Losoul
20. Place Names, the Place- Warm Desk
Download Tokyo Metro Vol. 9 (mp3) two hours

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tokyo Metro Vol. 8 (Tribal/ Progressive House- Japan Only Mix by Christian Smith!)

First Hour
Track Listing:
1. Worship- Chris Hale
2. When the Dawn Breaks (MK MTV rmx)- NT
3. Phonocorono (Lolita RMX 2)- Danny Howells and S.Vrolijk
4. Bustanovice- Fitalic
5. Matrix Rebooted- Young Punxx
6. Filtered Revenge- Craftmix   
7. Seven Nation Army (Radio Slave rmx)-    White Stripes
8. Sex- Robbie Rivera
9. Dancefloor Combat- Mondo Grosso Comp.
10. Panic Mechanic- Spitloop

Second Hour
Guest Mix (Japan-Only Mix by Christian Smith!)
Track Listing:    
1. The Way You Beat Me- Leanardo Gamez
2. Off the Wall- Samuel L.. Sessions
3. Mispent Years- Schatrax
4. No Crap- Adverse Match
5. Jacks- John Thomas
6. Evergreen- Technasia
7. Cards on the Table (Ben Sims rmx)- Paul Mac
8. D-Clash- Bryan Zents
9. Carnival- Cave
10. The Face- Hard Cell
11. 15B Tokyo Move- Adam Beyer
12. Player 10- Player
13. Bitches from Hell- Thomas Krome
14. Giant- Christian Smith & John Selway
15. Blizzard (Stanny Franssen rmx)- G & VCT
16. It's a Crime- DJ Preach
17. Wombing- Henrik B & Adam Beyer
18. Forklift (Luke Slater's rmx)- Joey Beltram
19. The Horn Track- Egyptian Empire
20. Devil in My Pants- Marko Nastic
21. Energia- Vince Watson
Download Tokyo Metro Vol. 8 (mp3) two hours