Sunday, April 15, 2018

Tokyo Metro Vol. 20 (Live at Method)

This is a live set played at the party Method at Jam House, Akita Japan on March 17th, 2018. The set is completely improvised, and recorded raw. I was going for an industrial, abstract vibe for the first half, then dipping in
to 4/4 acid techno territory. My equipment for this set was:

  1. Trouble Maker (303 emulator)
  2. Elastic Drums (drum machine)
  3. Korg Gadget (bass and synth sounds)
  4. Audiobus (routing)
  5. MiMiX (app mixer)
  6. Audiobus Remote (on iphone- remote control for ipad apps)
  1. ipad Pro
  2. iPhone 8 Plus
  3. Korg Nanokontrol II (midi controller linked to volume faders on Korg Gadget)
  4. Akai Midimix (hardware knobs and sliders for Elastic Drums, Trouble Maker and filter perimeters of Korg Gadget)
This mix was a lot of fun to put together, and having an hour really allowed me to build. Elastic Drums is really the star of this show. The effects and perimeter modulation possible in that app really make it a dream to play live.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Tokyo Metro Vol.19 (Tech House)

DJ set recorded at Side Back Bar in Akita, Japan.

  1. The Barking Dogs - Your High
  2. Hotel Lauer - Qd
  3. Jan Hendez - Endless
  4. Balex F - You and Me
  5. Ramtin K - Super Girl
  6. DJ Chris Hale - Pure Gold
  7. DJ Emerson - Rubberband Man
  8. Monoloc and Daniel Wilde - It's Mine
  9. Maelstrom - Lux
  10. Subject English and Fitty - Missionary (Chriis Cruz Mix)
  11. Dast - Deep Down
  12. Apparat and Ellen Allien - Jet
  13. DJ Emerson - Your Mind
  14. Tamer Fouda - Tech is Out
  15. Tamer Fouda - This is the Future
  16. DJ Chris Hale - EX:TC

Download Tokyo Metro Vol.19 (mp3)

Monday, January 22, 2018

Tokyo Metro Vol.17 (Live at Space Dock)

This is a live set played at the party Space Dock at Jam House, Akita Japan on January 19th, 2018. The set is completely improvised, and recorded raw (so forgive the hum of some too-hot lead cables!) My equipment for this set was:

  1. ipad running Elastic Drums (drum machine), Trouble Maker (303 emulator), Launchpad (pad sounds, effects), Audiobus (routing), MiMiX (app mixer)
  2. iphone 8 Plus, running Audiobus Remote (remote control for ipad apps)
  3. Korg Nanokontrol II (midi controller linked to Elastic Drums
Expect more live (and DJ) mixes to come! Sorry for the dry spell!

Tokyo Metro Vol.18 (Live at Global Disco)

This is a short, wild romp into mashed-up disco. I played this set for the event Global Disco in Akita Japan December 2nd 2017. For this set, I sliced up tracks by Donna Summer, The Bee Gees, Blondie and a few more recent tracks with a disco "vibe." All the remixed tracks were composed on ipad. Equipment and Apps used for this set:

  1. ipad Pro (2017)
  2. Traktor DJ for iPad (to play the tracks at the BPM I wanted)
  3. Blocs Wave (for sampling, slicing and dicing the tracks played from Traktor)
  4. Launchpad (for playing the sliced samples and loops live).
The party was a lot of fun, and there are plans to make it a semi-regular event at Jamhouse Akita. Looking forward to more disco mixes!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tokyo Metro Vol. 16 (NRT to IST)

1. DJ Chris Hale - Plus Minus
2. Minorstep - Weep
3. Piri Piri - Ice Cream (feat. Sally Crumb)
4. DJ Red - Eys are Blind
5. Monoloc - Mind
6. DJ Red - In the Middle of Nowhere
7. Piri Piri - Peak
8. Zoe Zoe - Church
9. Zenker Brothers - Berg 10
10. DJ Red - Awake
11. Oliver Dodd - Nervous Part 2
12. Purity Ring - Fine Shrine
13. Osaluna - Omid S
14. Modeselektor and Thom Yorke- This

Download Tokyo Metro Vol.16 (mp3)