Sunday, April 15, 2018

Tokyo Metro Vol. 20 (Live at Method)

This is a live set played at the party Method at Jam House, Akita Japan on March 17th, 2018. The set is completely improvised, and recorded raw. I was going for an industrial, abstract vibe for the first half, then dipping into 4/4 acid techno territory. My equipment for this set was:

  1. Trouble Maker (303 emulator)
  2. Elastic Drums (drum machine)
  3. Korg Gadget (bass and synth sounds)
  4. Audiobus (routing)
  5. MiMiX (app mixer)
  6. Audiobus Remote (on iphone- remote control for ipad apps)
  1. ipad Pro
  2. iPhone 8 Plus
  3. Korg Nanokontrol II (midi controller linked to volume faders on Korg Gadget)
  4. Akai Midimix (hardware knobs and sliders for Elastic Drums, Trouble Maker and filter perimeters of Korg Gadget)
This mix was a lot of fun to put together, and having an hour really allowed me to build. Elastic Drums is really the star of this show. The effects and perimeter modulation possible in that app really make it a dream to play live.

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