Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tokyo Metro Vol. 7 (Techno/ Tribal House- Japan Only Mix by Joey Beltram!)

First Hour
Track Listing:
1. Afrika (Original Tribal Mix)- Ceballos and Chus
2. Quimera (Dub Mix)- Ceballos and Chus
3. Travelling- Swain Snell et al.
4. Phonocorono (Lolita RMX 1)- Danny Howells S.Vrolijk
5. Wrong About Me (Lexington Ave. Dub)- Ceballos and Chus
6. Can U Feel (DJ Chris Hale's Distortion Mix)- Oddme
7. Say Hello (Angello and Igrosso RMX)- Deep Dish
8. Rewind Your Mind- Anjay

Second Hour
Guest Mix (Japan-Only Mix by Joey Beltram!)
Track Listing:
1. Player (Joey Beltram RMX)- Player Eight
2. Lay the Smackdown- Bryan Cox
3. I Can Feel the Sound- Justin Berkovi
4. Super Barbies- WJH
5. Eyes of the Jackal- Ignition Technician
6. Caliber- Joey Beltram
7. Start it up- Joey Beltram
8. Bitches from Hell- Thomas Krome
9. The Rising Sun- Joey Beltram
10. High Pass- Disko Kidz
11. The Inside- Joey Beltram
12. It Works- Joey Beltram
13. Copperhead- Cave
14. Player- Player One
15. Reconditioned- Bad Boy Bill
16. Zaitech- Bryan Cox
17. Pusher Two- Pusher
Download Tokyo Metro Vol. 7 (mp3) two hours

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