Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tokyo Metro Vol. 10 (Tribal House/ Electro)

First Hour:
Exclusive Guest Mix By Chris (Subject) English
1. Dark Soul (Dj Chris Hale "Dark Hole Mix)- Beat Level
2. Spirit- Echomen
3. Badass- Mooncat
4. Morena- Little Green Men
5. Miss Thing- James Benitez
6. Third Dimention- D-Formation
7. Ultimate Dream- UDG
8. Sweat- Kobbe & Austin Leeds
9. Sus Besos- Spiritual Vibe
10. Tweakin- Saeed Younan

Second Hour:
Exclusive Guest Mix By DJ Show-G
1. Momoka- Technoasia
2. Krossing- Claude Young
3. Old School Baby (Wire Mix)- West Bam & Nena
4. The Searcher- ebtb
5. Fire Wire- Beroshima
6. Too Much Talk- Chris Liebing
7. Get on Up (Chris Liebing Mix)- DJ Krush
8. Arabescus (Chords of Wire Mix)- DJ Felipe
9. Fires of Hell- Chris Liebing
10. Ghea (Wired Mix)- DJ Felipe
11. Down and Out- Michel Be Hey
12. Maroko- Brother's Yard
13. I Like it Hot- Illicit Audio
Download Tokyo Metro Vol. 10 (mp3) two hours


Unknown said...

Great Mix! But where's the second hour?

Chris Hale said...

Just uploaded the full two hour mix. Enjoy.

Glasschance said...

Please make some more!! I LOVE your mixes! They got me through my disertation on Japanese history and introduced me to some amazing artists!

Chris Hale said...

New episodes are on the way! Thanks for listening!